Knokke-Heist is undoubtedly the greenest municipality along the coast.
No less than 25% of its territory will soon acquire the status of a recreational to ‘dark green’ nature zone. These zones have a striking diversity: beaches, dunes, mudflats and salt marshes, as well as polders, ponds, reed swamps and woods…

And we have some good news: the Zwin nature park has been completely renewed, and is now open to everyone.
You can visit the Zwin throughout the year for a guided walk or an individual tour.

You prefer hiking without a guide?
Take a walk through one of the other nature reserves. You’ll be amazed at how much beauty Knokke-Heist has to offer.

Moreover, all the green zones shown below can conveniently be reached by bike.
The 9-km-long sea dike is the natural umbilical cord between the Zwin area and the Bay of Heist.
From there, the Lichten line forms a bridge to smaller nature reserves on the territory of the Heist locality, and the cycling network seamlessly links up with the natural zones of the Bruges hinterland.